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Portofino Buttoned Cot Bed
Product Information: Cot bed is supplied with side rails for protection during infancy. These can be removed as the child grows to convert the cot into a bed. Download the Purchase Info & Instruction Manual for safety instructions.
a: This child’s cot bed conforms to BS 8509:2008+A1:2011 and BS EN 716-1:2017
b: This child’s cot bed is made for Chairs Ltd. Trading as COACH HOUSE. Made in Indonesia.
c: When the child’s cot bed is converted from its cot function to its bed function it is intended for use by one child aged 18 months to 4 years.
d: The minimum size of mattress to be used in this cot bed is, length 1400mm. width 700mm. and up to 120mm. in thickness. (Such that the gap between the mattress and the sides and ends does not exceed 30mm.)
Dimensions: H: 1230mm L: 1550mm W: 790mm
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Approx. Due Date - 22/10/2019